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What is STA??

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Our Distinctions

Career Capstone Pathways

STA offers advanced capstone courses for high wage, high demand career fields in order to best prepare students for career opportunities beyond high school. STA coursework is rigorous and aligned to industry standards as well as post secondary curriculum so that students are ready for whatever is next for them. Our capstone courses challenge students to achieve their best.

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Applied Learning

STA capstone programs are designed specifically to provide students with the skills necessary to develop and succeed in today’s world by challenging students to acquire key skills and knowledge proficiencies in a particular career field, then apply those in a meaningful way so that students understand the “why” and “how” behind the learning.  Finally, students amplify this deep learning by implementing a real world project, solving a real world problem, or through an externship or internship within that industry.

Just the Right Fit

STA capstone students are able to thrive as they benefit greatly from being in a cohort of students who are focused, driven, and passionate about the same career field.  STA capstone coursework provides industry-aligned and college-ready skills that are vetted by our industry and post-secondary partners in order to give students the key knowledge, skills, and attributes for success after high school graduation.

World Class Environments

STA provides a world-class learning environment for students through curriculum aligned and vetted by post secondary partners and industry experts.  Additionally, STA teams with over 300 industry partners and shares its campus with a university in order to provide the climate and culture that set students up for success at the next level.  The equipment and resources utilized in STA capstone courses mirror industry environments and training needed by each industry.

Signature Programs

STA Signature Programs enable students to go even further to set students up for success and ahead of their peers through partnerships with colleges, universities, and industry partners.  The goal is to empower students to lower their time and cost to attain a degree or gain vital workforce skills before graduation and often significantly decreases the time to earn a degree, career focused work experience, or an industry recognized credential.

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Preparing students for high-wage, high demand future workforce

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Our Stories

Health Science

Mitchell West (Class of 2016)

Mictchell said, "I cannot speak high enough volumes about how this helped me with my college and career." 

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Student micropipetting


King Butcher & Ultrax Aerospace

King Butcher was  a STA student studying Computer Science. He said, "The skill sI'm learning in class include problem solving, team work, and especially communication because having to coordinate with people on what work needs to get done and how it needs to get done  is something I see replicated in the workforce." 

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Logan Feld (Class of 2018)

The experience I gained from my two years of engineering coursework at STA proved paramount in preparing me for college and for the engineering work I have undertaken since. The classes provided strong foundations in principle physics and mathematics concepts necessary for success at a college level. The hands-on experience working with industry hardware and software as well as direct contact with real engineers put me a step above my peers once I began my Bachelors. Furthermore, the engineering curriculum also allowed me to develop noteworthy technical writing habits and skills. Some of my fondest memories come with the work I did both individually and with teams at STA. I can not recommend STA enough to those looking for a career in engineering!” 

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Human Services

Chelsea P. (LSN Graduate)

“I love that I have the opportunity to work hands-on with students every day while also learning the skills necessary to become a teacher.” 

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Doc Rutherford

Founding STA Instructor

"At STA, we treat students like young professionals. As we guide students, we let them struggle through the work as they might in the career, because the work is where the learning happens! I only attempt to provide the conditions in which students can learn."