Courtney Clyburn (LSW) & Sadie Vahle (LSW)

Vitamins in a Planarian’s Diet on Regeneration Time

Project Description: Stem cell therapy is a rising method for treatment of diseases and disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, which is a progressive disease that leads to memory loss (Duncan & Valenzuela, 2017). Stem cell therapy can also restore the following: vision in retinal disease, bone growth, nerve cell function, and heart tissue (Jin, 2017). This experiment will help aid in future stem cell research for the medical field.

Savanna Starke (LSW) & Clare Scheier (St. Michael Archangel Catholic High School)

The Effects of Escitalopram on Zebrafish

Project Description: Due to the mounting evidence of the influence of escitalopram effluent on aquatic life, our experiment will be exploring if danio rerio exhibit behavioral changes if they are exposed to escitalopram.


Pictured: Clare Scheier

Hailee Howard (LSHS) & Mikayla Stebbing (LSN)

The Effect of H1 and H2 Antihistamines on the Heart-Rate of Zebra-Fish Embryos

Project Description: This project studied the effects of antihistamines on heart development in danio rerio


Pictured: Hailee Howard (Left) and Mikayla Stebbing (Right)

Aidan Stutts (LSW) & Matthew Austell (LSW)

The Effect of Artificial Sweeteners on Body Size of Drosophila Melanogaster

Project Description: There is evidence that weight gain and ingestion of artificial

sweeteners are associated with each other (Brown, Banate, & Rother, 2010), however there is

limited evidence suggesting a causal relationship between the two (Brown, Banate, & Rother,

2010). The aim of this research is to evaluate if ingestion of artificial sweeteners results in a

difference in body size of Drosophila melanogaster, otherwise known as fruit flies.

Pictured: Aidan Stutts (left) and Matthew Austell (Right)


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