Summit Technology Academy (STA) is a shared campus of junior and senior students who come together for a half-day program as an extension of their home high school. Students seriously interested in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) related careers in a global environment apply to attend the Academy. STEM-related careers encompass network engineering, software development, cyber security, health science, biomedical science, nursing, digital media, aerospace, mechanical, electrical and civil engineering, teacher preparation, and international studies.  Read about how STA is considered KC Region’s Hidden Gem



The mission of STA is to challenge students to achieve their personal best. STA is a national model for innovation by providing rigorous and relevant opportunities for students. STA develops life-long problem solvers through a culture of inquiry and critical thinking. The students and staff exemplify creativity, professionalism, and leadership.

Summit Technology Academy offers programs that blend classroom instruction with hands-on learning experiences. The teachers will prepare high school students for their education journey while immersing them in their chosen career path through a variety of on-site field experiences in local businesses, such as hospitals, city offices, engineering firms, data centers and biomedical labs.  Click here to see our business partners page.

Summit Technology Academy has embraced the Professional Learning Community concepts by meeting the needs of each student every day. Summit Tech is recognized has a leading Technology Center That Works site.

A National Model

Summit Technology Academy has been recognized in the national spot light as an innovative model to prepare juniors and seniors in high school for high wage, high demand, professional careers. Many schools, businesses, and organizations from the U.S. and from around the world visit Summit Technology Academy each year. In fact, President Obama highlighted Summit Technology Academy and its Missouri Innovation Campus program in a presidential speech given at the University of Central Missouri in 2013. Summit Technology Academy’s success has been built upon its ability to provide rigorous programs of study that blend classroom instruction with real-world, hands-on experiences with over 200 business and industry partners. Our programs follow a national curriculum model used in industry such as the Cisco Networking Academy. Many of our programs offer an industry recognized credential. Additionally, the majority of courses are aligned to a college-level curriculum.

Centers of Excellence

The Summit Technology Academy is a pre-professional learning environment for high school students. It is operated by the Lee’s Summit R-7 School District and is a member of an area wide consortium of school districts called the Career Education Consortium. All of the programs at Summit Technology are Centers of Excellence as designated by the Career Education Consortium. Sending districts pay tuition for students to attend Summit Technology Academy. It is a privilege and an honor to provide rigorous programs of study for all interested students.

“The vision for learning at Summit Technology Academy is to challenge students to be independent learners, stimulate active engagement on the part of students and provide for individual differences and interests.”

-Elaine Metcalf, Director of Summit Technology Academy

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