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STA Interns Outpace Industry Expectations!

King Butcher & Ultrax Aerospace

Students at STA get opportunities for real world learning embedded within their classrooms, lab workspaces, and even in the field. King Butcher, junior Computer Science student from the Independence School District, said, "The skills I'm learning in class involve problem solving, team work, and especially communication because having to coordinate with people on what work needs to get done and how it needs to get done is something I see replicated in the workforce."

"Internships at STA allow us to catch talent with incredible skill at an early age so we can indoctrinate them into how we do things and contribute to the community at the same time," said Troy Prewitt, President of Ultrax Aerospace. Speaking about students from STA, "Their education so far has given them a great number of successes to build on...What we're learning is these young students from MIC and STA are a mile ahead, and we have to accelerate our development because they will outpace our milestone." STA's Engineering and Computer Science students work hard and are transformed from students into career-focused, skills-minded individuals ready for the next chapter.

Click here to video a short video on King Butcher and his internship experience with Ultrax Aerospace