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Missouri Innovation Campus Building

About the Missouri Innovation Campus Building

The Missouri Innovation Campus (MIC) facility is a progressive partnership between Lee’s Summit R-7 School District, Metropolitan Community College and the University of Central Missouri is reshaping the way students experience education at the new Missouri Innovation Campus. This unique partnership is a collaboration between both industry and academic partners, focuses on learner outcomes in an immersive and rich real-life workplace experience. 

Throughout the building its character takes on a sense of Academia meets Google with a commitment to create incidental contact that results in collaboration between students, teachers and higher education faculty. 

Learning and teaching happens everywhere. The unique feature of this facility is its intentional design of spaces to be used by all disciplines and programs, in that nature it will be programmed like a higher education facility. There are dedicated labs for specific programs and adjacencies to flexible spaces for a changing curriculum. Industry partners are encouraged to use hoteling spaces and the conference center to see and be seen by students of the facility. Industry leaders in the hi-tech medical records field, logistics experts and global engineering firms are a part of the day-to-day in this building. 

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Design Firm: DLR Group

Building Construction Progress - April 2017

Paradise Park Campus

During the 2023-24 school year, STA opened a second campus at the restored Paradise Park Campus. In collaboration with Great Beginnings Early Childhood Center, Paradise Park is home to two high school capstone courses. One utilizes the iconic recreation facilty of Paradise Park as students capitilze on the booming industry of Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Management. The other is an urban-ag program utiliing the 15 acres of outdoor prairie, forest, and wetland areas for anything from sustainable energy to biodiversity and conservation. This capstone course is Environmental Studies