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Software Development - Java

Integrating Technical Excellence with Team Dynamics

Introducing a rigorous Java course tailored for high school seniors, offering a deep dive into advanced programming techniques and team collaboration. This course goes beyond standard curriculum, emphasizing a blend of technical proficiency and essential soft skills.

Course Features:

  • Deep Technical Insight: Explore advanced Java constructs, from intricate data structures to sophisticated algorithms, ensuring efficient and optimized code solutions.
  • Problem-Solving at its Best: Engage with complex, real-world coding challenges designed to push your analytical and problem-solving boundaries.
  • Agile Framework: Experience the course through an agile lens, employing methodologies like sprints and stand-ups, mirroring best practices from leading tech companies.
  • Collaborative Coding: Embrace team-based projects that simulate genuine software development scenarios. Learn the importance of coding, debugging, and deploying in a collective environment.
  • Enhanced Soft Skills: Elevate your presentation, communication, and interpersonal abilities, equipping you for leadership roles in the tech industry.
  • Industry Tools & Practices: Familiarize yourself with contemporary industry tools and best practices, ensuring you remain at the forefront of technological advancements.

Who Should Enroll

This course is designed for individuals seeking more than just a basic introduction to Java. If you are committed to embracing challenges, adapting to rapid learning curves, and integrating seamlessly within team dynamics, this course will serve as an invaluable stepping stone for your future in tech.

This is a semester-long offering to be paired with another course from the Computer Science Pathway. Please be mindful of prerequisites.

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Brendan's Story

Colby's Story

You have to think of every single thing that could possibly go wrong. That’s how you have to think like a programmer. - Bradley Covington, Lee's Summit North High School