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Aerospace Engineering (AE)

PLTW Aerospace Engineering is an educational program that offers students the opportunity to explore the principles of aerospace engineering through hands-on projects and activities. It focuses on topics such as aerodynamics, spacecraft design, and propulsion systems to inspire and prepare students for careers in the aerospace industry. Learn more about Aerospace Engineering.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)

PLTW Computer Integrated Manufacturing is an educational curriculum that introduces students to the world of modern manufacturing and automation. Through this program, students learn about computer-aided design (CAD), computer numerical control (CNC) machining, and robotics to develop skills needed for careers in manufacturing and engineering. Learn more about Computer Integrated Manufacturing.

Digital Electronics (DE)

PLTW Digital Electronics is an educational program that immerses students in the world of digital circuits and electronics. Through hands-on projects and lessons, students learn about topics such as logic gates, microcontrollers, and digital communication, equipping them with skills and knowledge for careers in electronics and engineering. Learn more about Digital Electronics.

Engineering Design & Development (EDD)

PLTW Engineering Design and Development is a capstone course that challenges students to apply their engineering knowledge and skills to identify, research, and solve real-world problems. In this course, students work in teams to design and develop innovative engineering projects, fostering creativity and preparing them for future careers in engineering and related fields. Learn more about Engineering Design and Development.

Aerospace Academy (Aviation)

Summit Technology Academy's Aerospace Academy is an educational program that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of aerospace technology and engineering. Through a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on projects, students gain practical skills and knowledge relevant to careers in the aerospace industry, including topics like aircraft design, aviation systems, and space exploration. Learn more about Aerospace Academy.

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