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Business Finance and Fintech

This course encompasses the management of money at the personal, corporate and public levels. Students learn the big picture of business and can prepare for careers ranging from financial adviser to investment banker.

Course Features:

  • Problem-Based and Project-Based Instruction: Learn how to solve problems through real world situations and scenarios.
  • Data Analytics: Analyze real-world datasets, create data visualizations, and make data-driven recommendations
  • Macroeconomics: Apply economic concepts to analyze current economic policies and trends.
  • Financial Literacy: Create budgets, manage investments, and make other informed financial decisions.
  • Corporate Finance and Accounting: Analyze financial statements and make strategic financial decisions.
  • Internship and Shadowing Opportunities:  Interact with financial professionals to discover career opportunities in finance
  • Modern Technology: Use industry tools and financial software for analysis and reporting.
  • Industry Certifications: Become certified in Microsoft Office at the Specialist and Expert level. These are lifelong certifications that will enhance your college experience and career employability.

Who Should Enroll:

This course is designed for students interested in learning advanced concepts in finance and financial technology (FinTech) careers and would like to enter college finance programs after graduation with a competitive advantage.  Students should have a strong interest in business and like to work with numbers and data.