Business Finance and Fintech: The Starting Point to Your MBA

Do wonder how stocks, cryptocurrency, and the financial markets make the business world run? Are you fascinated with how the markets and economics play a part in daily life?  This dynamic program is for students interested in learning advanced concepts in finance and financial technology (FinTech) careers and would like to enter college finance programs after graduation with a competitive advantage. Students will be immersed in problem-based and project-based instruction that mirrors the current financial industry related to the following areas: Risk Management, Data Analysis (BIG DATA), Financial Technology (Fintech), Financial Modeling, Understanding Balance Sheets and P&L Statements, Economics, Communication Skills, Corporate Finance, Commercial Banking, Investment Management and Financial Advisory Insurance. This program allows internship and shadowing opportunities in financial career fields. Students will utilize the best of modern technology with a selection of online coursework, simulations and hands-on learning. 

Tom Woodward
Instructor: Business Finance and Fintech

Business Finance and Fintech

Course Syllabus


  • Grade: 11 or 12
  • 2.5 GPA (Cumulative) or better
  • 90% Attendance or better
  • Math: Algebra I, B- or higher
  • Business: One full credit in Business
  • Reading/Writing: 10th grade level
  • Outside class Internet access is required.


Accounting:  B- or higher

High School Credits: 3 units

LSR7 Weighted: .666

NON Lee’s Summit Schools Weighted Credit: Varies by school

College Dual Credit

UCM - ECON 1010, ACCT 1101, CIS 1600  (up to 9 hrs for eligible students)


This program gives high school students the opportunity to earn college finance credit and more quickly complete their Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Finance through the University of Central Missouri.