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International Studies: Exploring Cultures of the World

This course is designed for students who are passionate about world cultures, languages, and diversity. Through service projects and possible internships, students will meet and work with refugees and recent immigrants, applying content knowledge to actual, meaningful situations. A Rotary Interact club is embedded into the class which requires students to complete additional service projects on an international scale. Students will also participate in Model UN by writing position papers and studying the political/social/economic environments of individual countries. They should also be comfortable using technology, presenting in front of groups, and understand the expectations of professionalism.   Students will work in teams to prepare cultural presentations for real business clients and learn about being a professional. Students in this program will be working for a student-run cultural consulting firm, Global Prep Squad, where they will be providing cultural services to real business customers and clients. Student grades are determined through a unique system where students receive a simulated salary and bonuses. Students in this program are expected to think for themselves and be able to manage projects on their own.  Students will need to make arrangements for transportation to off-site presentations, optional internships, and rides home from STA on predetermined dates.  Please speak with administration if you have any transportation concerns.


  • Grade: 11 or 12
  • Level II Language Course (enrolled or completed)
  • 2.5 GPA (Unweighted)
  • 90% Attendance
  • Student must provide their own transporation to off-site presentations and internships at community locations.
  • Outside class Internet access is required.


  • Computer Applications
  • Business
  • Economics World History

High School Credits: 3 units

LSR7 Weighted Credit:  .666

NON Lee’s Summit Schools Weighted Credit: Varies by school

*Upon successful completion of SISA, the requirements will be met for LSR7 Modern Global Issues graduation requirement.  If a student drops out of SISA, he or she must take Modern Global Issues.

College Dual Credit: UCM POLS2535 Model United Nations (3 hrs credit for eligible students)

Check out eInternship opportunities through US State Department for SISA grads

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“SISA is the starting block for a global career. The course prepares students for interactions with people from diverse cultures which is essential international business.” Mr. Falk, European Aeronautic Defense and Space, Paris France

"I was very impressed with the team this week.  They were well prepared, asked good questions and followed a good process for setting project goals and timelines.  They each seemed to have a good understanding of my objectives and clarified that understanding during our conversation. " Ms. Burnham, National Sr.Mgr,Best Practices, Canon Business Process Services, Inc

"By attending SISA, I gained the skills needed to become successful in my future work. I was able to gather skills which then helped me attain an internship at Global Ties Greater Kansas City, which will soon lead to a paid position. By applying myself during class, I was able to stretch my limits, become more confident, and have hands on experience in the workplace. These are the skills my employer looks for in their employees to ensure they have a efficient work environment. I would not be an intern if it were not for SISA." Sarah, SISA Alumni and Former Intern at Global Ties, Kansas City

"My name is Alesha and I was enrolled in your international studies class back in 2011. I wanted to reach out and tell you that I feel that your class played a large role in guiding me through these past few years. Since I graduated, I went on to earn a bachelor's degree in romance languages from Truman State, and have spent the last two years teaching English in a French and then a Spanish high school, respectively. As a matter of fact, I just introduced my students to Barnga, which I'm sure you remember and probably still use. My Spanish students loved it, although my French students last year became indignant and quit halfway through, which I find amusing. I feel that not only did your class reinforce my interest in international relations, but it also helped me to overcome my fear of public speaking and has given me a model of what I would like my teaching style to look like. Although I'm not quite sure where I'll go from here, I would like to continue my studies and eventually start teaching foreign languages either at a high school or postgraduate level.  Anyway, I wanted to say thank you and that I hope you are doing well!" Alesha, SISA Alumni

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Curtis Cook
Instructor: Summit International Studies Academy
816-986-1499 x7996

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This program gives high school students the opportunity to earn college international studies credit and more quickly complete their Bachelor of Arts in International Studies through the University of Central Missouri.

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