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Current Students

STA Calendar

The STA Calendar is available for student, parents, and the community. The expoectation for STA students is to attend STA when STA is in session (even if your sending school is not in session). Your last day of classes at your sending school will be your last day at STA. 

Power School

STA and LSR7 utilize the Student Information System PowerSchool to track grades, attendance, and more. Stay up-to-date with PowerSchool. 


STA and LSR7 utilize the Learning Management System Schoology for online and blended learning. Note: students should login to their Chrome browser using their LSR7 credentials and then navigate to the specific Schoology/LSR7 address.


As STA students look toward graduation and post-secondary options, STA collects opportunities that have a career focus related to our Capstone Course. See the options available.


As STA students are encourage to ride the school bus if their district provides a bus. If there is a parking need, STA can issue a limited number of temporary or permanent parking permits. Read more.

Student Handbook

STA students are to follow the policies and procedures addressed within the student handbook. Read more.

Student Surveys

Occasionally, STA students are asked to participate in surveys. Find those surveys here.