Missouri Wildlife Studies (Fall Semester) Are you naturally curious and inspired by nature?  Missouri Wildlife Studies lets you learn about the world you live in.   This class allows you to develop scientific knowledge and theory about the fauna you encounter in the region. Projects you choose will unveil the world through studying our beautiful Missouri environment.  You will be able to build upon your successes in previous science courses and apply those concepts to a living environment working with wild species, including snakes, birds, fish and many other animals native to the region through direct investigations in nature.  Learning about nature through chemistry, biology and statistics will allow you to view your world in new and exciting ways. During this class you can gain valuable college and career experience.  Through habitat development and animal care, students will be able to personally improve the lives of animals.

Missouri Natural Resources (Spring Semester) Are you ready to begin down a path to prepare for a future in environmental science? Scientific studies in the field allow students to not only understand their world, but see how they can make a difference. At Paradise Park, students investigate nature through ecological, cultural, and economic lenses with a hands-on approach in natural habitats.  Environmental science students make sense of the science within Missouri ecosystems as they experience Missouri wildlife phenomenon, share questions about the phenomenon and try to answer a class-identified question about a phenomenon. Students use critical thinking skills to develop and monitor live plant life and native animals. Students in this class have a chance to participate using practical and technical skills to make their own meaning of science concepts.   This scientific inquiry course allows students to incorporate place-based learning, project-based learning, and problem based learning, with an  emphasis on participation in community conservation leadership.


  • This Capstone Course meets at Paradise Park
  • For the 2023-23 school year, this course will meet in the AM-session only.


  • Grade: 11 or 12
  • 2.5 GPA (Cumulative) or better
  • 90% Attendance or better
  • Math: Algebra I, B- or higher
  • Science: Biology I & Chemistry I, B- or higher
  • Reading/Writing: 10th grade level
  • Outside class Internet access is required.


  • Algebra II:  B- or higher

High School Credits: 3 units

LSR7 Weighted: .666

NON Lee’s Summit Schools Weighted Credit: Varies by school

College Dual Credit

More information to come...