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Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation Management: Creating a Memorable Experience

When you plan activities, do you naturally consider the participants’ experience, ensuring every detail is just right? If so, a career in Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Management could be a good fit for you. Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation is one of the fastest growing industries in the world which includes travel coordinators, event planners, entertainment directors, fitness directors, brand managers, and more. Skills in this area cross multiple industries as companies strive to make customer experiences the best they can be and memorable. The curriculum for this class is industry-driven, therefore matching the needs of hospitality employers across the world. The course will focus on the options available in the Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation industries as well as preparing students to understand and prepare for management. Students will be able to achieve internship hours through on-site events at the Paradise Park with the go karts and batting cages, as well as outside experiences with business partners, based on student interest. Skills learned in this course are transferable to other opportunities related to the field and will put you on a path to a successful career.

Students will earn the following industry recognized certifications: Certified Guest Service Professional (CGSP©) and Certified Hospitality & Tourism Management Professional (CHTMP©). Other certifications are offered if a student is interested. Students must complete 100 hours of work experience to receive the CHTMP certification, which can be completed at the Paradise Park Campus during attraction open hours. Other internships may also be available based on student career interest.

This Capstone Course meets at Paradise Park.

Students will need to provide their own transportation periodically to accommodate practicum work.


  • This course meets at Paradise Park


  • Grade: 11 or 12
  • GPA: 2.5 (Unweighted)
  • Attendance: 90% or better
  • Math: Algebra I, B- or better
  • Reading/Writing: 10th grade level


  • Introduction to Human Services (offered traditional or online),
  • Introduction to Hospitality,
  • Foods 1/Culinary Foundations

High School Credits: 3 units

LSR7 Weighted Credit:  .666

NON Lee’s Summit Schools Weighted Credit: Varies by school

College Dual Credit: Missouri State University (MSU) HSP 210 & HSP 215 (3 hrs credit each course for eligible students)

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Hospitality Tourism Management Program


Have you considered A Career in Transportation?

  • Tour guides and escorts
  • Meeting and convention planners
  • Cruise director
  • Airline stewardess


Have you considered a job in Attractions?

  • Theme Parks
  • Museum Technicians
  • Park Naturalist
  • City and State Parks and Recreation Workers
  • Cruise Entertainment
  • Fairs and Festivals Event Planner
  • Museum, Zoo, Aquarium, and Local Attractions
Food and Beverage

Have you considered a career in Food and Beverage?

  • Chefs, Bakers, Cooks, Pastry Chefs
  • Baristas
  • Waiters and Waitresses
  • Catering and Banquet Managers
  • Concierges
  • Hotel, Motel, and Resort Desk Clerks
  • Housekeeping
  • Maintenance
  • Bellhops
  • Hotel Managers
  • Front Desk Supervisor
  • Guest Room Attendant
More Information

Hospitality Tourism Management Program

  • College-like Atmosphere
  • Collaborative, Project-based Learning
  • Work with Industry Professionals
  • Fun Atmosphere
  • 100 Hour Internship
  • 6 College Credits Through MSU
  • 2 Certificates (Recognized Worldwide)