The 2018-2019 STA application window will open in mid-November 2017.  

 Want to apply to STA for Second Semester of this year?

Students can still apply for Aerospace Engineering, Digital Electronics, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Internship in STEM, or Cerner Scholars/Intern in STEM for second semester.

 Complete the application for second semester classes by clicking here.


Are you a home school or private school student?

 Click here to learn the home school/private school process.

Considerations before beginning your application:


1.Review STA Website Course Page Information prior to applying for the program: 

2. Pre-write Your Essays for Your Application

PRIOR TO BEGINNING YOUR APPLICATION, be sure to type and save your answers to the following two essay questions in a Word or Google Doc document, so you can paste your answers into your application later.  This will prevent any server timeout issues that can happen with your local server.  Also, please answer each question completely and clearly in at least four sentences.

Question #1  

Why are you interested in enrolling in this program?

Question #2   

Describe what you know about careers related to this program and how it might help you reach your educational and career goals.

3. Record Your Confirmation Number for your Application
Be sure to press the “submit” button after the first two application pages and write down, screenshot, or print off the confirmation number on the confirmation page (3rd page).  If you did not see a confirmation number on the last page, you did not go far enough, and we will NOT have received your application.  If you did not continue to the confirmation page (3rd page), you must reapply in order to successfully apply to STA.

*Touch base with your counselor if you have questions about STA programs.

Step-by-step Guide for Completing STA Online Application

For Lee’s Summit R7 Students, click here for Step-by-step guide for completing the STA Online Application

For students from high schools outside of Lee’s Summit, click here for Step-by-step guide for completing the STA Online Application.


For timeline and helpful hints in completing the application for out-of-district students/ from “sending schools“, click below on the “help me” button.  

For additional help, see your guidance counselor at your home high school or call STA at 986-3410.



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