Students who have taken at least one semester of Software Development, Network Engineering, or Cybersecurity at Summit Technology Academy or have gained significance networking, programming, or cybersecurity skills at their own sending school can apply to work in an internship at Cerner.

Cerner is a leading company in the Kansas City area that provides health information solutions to improve the well-being of individuals and communities. Cerner creates leading-edge health information technology through strategies that empower organizations to know, manage and engage their populations. The Cerner Scholars: Next Gerneration program provides students with an opportunity to gain a deeper learning experience related to their interest in computing and technology.  Learn more about Cerner and Cerner Careers here.

Cerner has multiple locations in the KC Metro where high school students can intern.  Cerner will work to place students at the Cerner office closest to their sending program location:

  1. Realization Campus, which is located at I-435 & Bannister Road (Software focused)
  2. WHQ Campus, which is located in North Kansas City, MO (Software & System focused)
  3. Continuous Campus, which is located in Kansas City, KS (Software & System focused)

For more information about Cerner Scholars: Next Generation Internships, please click  to view or download a flyer.

To learn about the Cerner Scholar Selection Process, click to view or download this flyer.

The first step toward this incredible internship opportunity is for students who are interested in the Cerner Scholars: Next Generation Program to apply for Internship in STEM through Summit Technology Academy.  Interested students should also include that they have an interest in Cerner Scholar: Next Generation in their application essay.

Please click here to read more about Internship in STEM.

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