Tours of STA


Would you like to learn more about our programs?  Are you interested in our unique learning facilities?  We have two types of tours: Pathway tours and Overview tours.


Pathway Tours

Tour Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes maximum time

Instructions for scheduling a tour:

For Pathway tours, we have students choose one of our five pathways to tour when they come to ensure the most meaningful trip possible.  BEFORE your visit to STA, please have students choose one of our four career pathways. During the tour, this is the area that they will get to learn more about and explore.  

 STA pathways:
  • Computer Science - Software Development/Network Engineering/Cybersecurity
  • Health Science- Nursing/Allied Health/Medical Interventions and Biomedical Innovation
  • Engineering- Digital Electronics/Aerospace Engineering/Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
  • Human Service and Finance- Includes a variety of topics - Digital Media/International Studies/Teacher Educator Academy/Finance and Fintech


Help students choose one of the four STA Pathways to Tour:

More information is available by click on the "Career area info" link at the right.  This document should be provided electronically (by email for instance) to your students so that they can access the links in the document to our website for more detailed information about each career area to help them narrow down to one choice for the tour.  

Additionally, we suggest school counselors do preparatory career survey assessments with students to ensure students have a defined interest and focus for their tour to make it as meaningful as possible. 

Career area info

Help your students determine what career area they want to explore during their tour

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MIC Overview Tours

1 hour and 30 minutes maximum time

A STA faculty member will take your group through the MIC building.

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