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2 Types of Tours:

  • Pathway Tour:  (1 hour and 30 minutes maximum time)
    • We have students choose one of our four pathways to tour when they come to ensure the most meaningful trip possible.
 STA pathways:
  • Computer Science
  • Health Science
  • Engineering
  • Arts & Communication
    • Digital Media Technology
  •  Human Services & Finance
    • Hospitality and Tourism management, International Studies, Educator Teacher Academy, Executive Finance at Fintech
  • MIC Building Tour  (1 hour and 30 minutes maximum time)

A STA faculty member or a HTMP student will take your group through the MIC building.


Instructions on how to Schedule a Tour: Coming Soon


Link to Complete Tour Request Form: Coming Soon


Help students choose one of the four STA Pathway to Tour:

We suggest school counselors do preparatory career survey assessments with students to ensure students have a defined interest and focus for their tour to make it as meaningful as possible. This can be a career interest survey of your own or by using this example: Coming Soon